1. Torchlight mobile - I love dungeon crawlers. I played Torchlight 1 &2 on Xbox and PC a lot. Runic does a great job make top quality games (release torchlight 2 for console plz!). Most dungeon crawlers that I've played on mobile didn't keep me coming back but I have faith in Runic. Please keep you eyes peeled for this game.
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  2. Overwatch - This is Blizzards newest title. After watching game play on twitch I'm sure blizzard will has big hit on their hands. This game has great character design, art style and fast combat. My only critique is that people can and switch characters during a match.
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  3. Below - I've been really looking forward to this little gem. This game reminds me of Old school Zelda mixed with dark souls and for some reason a hint of shadows of colossus. This unique blend of games is something I need in my life! Unfortunately, no official released date has been given. Please keep a look out for it.
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    http://www.whatliesbelow.com/ please check it out and tell me your thoughts.
  4. Tell me your top games and what are thoughts on my list.