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I've been keeping this list for the longest time. These are the things I need someone to make supercuts of because...supercuts are obvs the best.
  1. A supercut of people indignantly asking the detectives on SVU, "Do you have children??"
    Because the victims/perps/parents never want to take advice from Stabler who is Catholic and has like 87 children cmonnnn people of course he has kids! Have you seen his bod??
  2. Non-SNL cast members doing the "Live from New York!!" intro.
  3. Rappers doing that *inhale* noise over a beat.
    I get it; you're smoking in the booth.
5 more...
  1. Why was my pool closed on Memorial Day??? Why god??? WHYYYYY - oh...
  2. OBVIOUSLY needed to stay up on the DCOM scheddddd
  3. Gimme dem banana nails
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