I've been keeping this list for the longest time. These are the things I need someone to make supercuts of because...supercuts are obvs the best.
  1. A supercut of people indignantly asking the detectives on SVU, "Do you have children??"
    Because the victims/perps/parents never want to take advice from Stabler who is Catholic and has like 87 children cmonnnn people of course he has kids! Have you seen his bod??
  2. Non-SNL cast members doing the "Live from New York!!" intro.
  3. Rappers doing that *inhale* noise over a beat.
    I get it; you're smoking in the booth.
  4. People slapping papers and folders down on a table on the show Suits.
    Lemme just say: Rachel doesn't deserve Mike btw
  5. People wearing bangs in flashbacks to make sure the audience knows they're younger
    Big culprits: Suits (again), Scandal... Really any Shonda show
  6. This is dark but.. gay characters who tried to kill themselves after a break up and then the families have to take care of them afterwards
    Wasnt the character from Little Miss Sunshine and the character from Skeleton Twins essentially not the same??
  7. People who get hit in the head/killed with a snow globe
    Why is that a popular weapon??
  8. ..I'm sure I'll keep adding to this list.