1. Nail polish
    I never paint my nails but there's always a good new color to be had
  2. Pretzel thins
    For some unknown reason these are always on display in the produce section so I fall victim to them even when I'm trying to be healthy and avoid the snack isle.
  3. Chocolate milk
    I blame my mom for feeding me chocolate milk in my bottle. I also buy the small bottle that's only 2.5 servings and feel skinny because of it.
  4. Dove dark chocolate bar
    If they have this at the checkout line it's game over
  5. Strawberry cream cheese
    Irresistible. Then I usually feel the need to buy cinnamon raisin English muffins because that pairing is just too great.
  6. Frozen corndogs
    Says Julie. I've never purchased this item
  7. Whatever I got a free sample of
    Because I'm too awkward to take the sample and not buy the product, and I also don't pass up a free sample
  8. Gum
    No matter how much you have, you could always use more