How putting my life on stage changed it.

I was an actor and writer who tired of just waiting around to work- so I got on a stage and started talking.
  1. I started writing about the thing I knew best- my family
  2. I learned that my stories connected me to a group of strangers in an intimate way.
  3. By telling the truth- my truth- I unlocked a door to my memory. I remembered Sister Mary Concepta, a sparkly pink poster, a lie I had hidden, a boy that I kissed- and he was way too old for me. I saw the pizza shop, the funeral flowers, the mean girl, the nice boss. I remembered all of it.
  4. I learned that the more awkward/horrible/embarrassing the moment- the better the story.
  5. When I tell my stories on a stage people tell me theirs in the lobby- and I dig it.
  6. When I write a personal narrative- I look at the material from all angles, from everyone's POV and THAT has let me forgive, rethink, let go and make right. In other words I can rewrite my life.
  7. I found that being a solo artist has made me more courageous and compassionate everyday.
  8. Because I get on a stage to tell- That has taught me how to become a better listener.