(AKA excuses)Do I want this? Kind of. You know, the thrill of chasing time. But not when I'm at the risk of not being permitted to enter class.
  1. Manila traffic
    It takes 2hours to get to univ with traffic and bout 30 mins without
  2. Sleeping habits
    I usually go to sleep at 11PM-1AM. 10PM is a rarity. Whilst I require myself to wake up at 4 30AM
  3. Stupid alarm clock tendencies
    Did I shut down my alarm unconsciously? WHY DIDN'T MY ALARM WAKE ME UP
  4. Breakfast
    When I'm feeling optimistic and not giving a damn, I do eat my breakfast, leisurely.
  5. The World is my Runway
    Overcoming my fashion dilemma. Fuck it. Jeans and t-shirt.
  6. Level of Importance
    When I'm just not looking forward to my appointment. :(