I'm terrible at blogging but I'm really good at starting blogs and then not writing them. I think they coulda been good...
  1. Prisoners of the Upper East Side
    In the spring of 2010 my grandmother fell and broke her hip. I was essentially trapped in her apartment (sometimes with my cousin) taking care of her. Entries would have included things like going to the Whitney Biennial in the middle of the night and the time my friend Merlin wore a "Free Palestine" shirt when he came to see me and it led to the only real fight my grandmother and I ever had.
  2. Summer on the Farm
    Would have been updates from the summer of 2010 about my life helping take care of my best friends new born baby on her parents' farm.
  3. Terrible Television Shows I Watch
    A tumblr about all the terrible TV I was watching in late 2011 early 2012. The most popular post was about Pretty Little Liars but it was just teens being SO MAD at me for making fun of it.
  4. Quotes From Bubby
    In the late spring of 2012 my grandmother fell and broke her other hip and ended up in various medical facilities in NYV til she passed a few months later. I was the only family member who could be there with her consistently. She said some amazing things: "My legs are all Ray Bradbury" " Can't you just take me out back and shoot me" and other things I don't remember because I didn't actually write this blog.
  5. The Pretty Year
    At the beginning of 2014 I was feeling really terrible about my life. I decided that for all of 2014 instead of focusing on the the things I usually do I would focus entirely on surface things: figure out how to look pretty all the time. I had some feminist/cultural criticism ideas but I also thought maybe it would actually make me happier. Instead I moved in with my on again off again boyfriend and then he disappeared and I ran away to Los Angeles.
  6. #FarmLife
    In February 2015 due to a series of ridiculous events (aka my life falling apart) I ended up back on the farm on Whidbey Island. In the first week of being here I planted a thousand onion strands and through out the year planted grew and harvested a season's worth of vegetables. While growing vegetables SO MUCH drama happened around me: Divorce papers burned in a stove! A death! An arrest! A love affair!