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  1. Traffic
  2. Fake Glasses
  3. This plant eating my entire family
  1. Just a friendly reminder, as I always need it, that success is not finite.
  2. There is plenty to go around.
  3. Success is not a pie chart.
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  1. I'm in Austin on a 6-girls-total weekend trip with my college friends.
  2. We rented an AirBNB with 4 bedrooms.
  3. I told everyone that while some people may kick in their sleep, I sleep hump.
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Whether it's a morning ritual or something you always need in hand, what's your number one to-do or to-take-with-you?
  1. Putting on lipstick! It could be 6am and I'll put it on.
    Case in point I'm still wearing the tank I slept in but managed to put on my lips before taking the kids to school.
  2. A ponytail holder on my wrist (don't @ me) or in my pocket
    Suggested by   @kate81
  3. mascara, my phone and a cheeky grin (aka smile)!
    Very rarely will I leave the house without (at least) one of these three things!
    Suggested by   @jesszaffino
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  1. Mine would be @andycohen because he'd be like an extended member of my family, would give great advice, and seems like someone who'd be fun to get stuck in an airport with.
  2. Tiffani Amber Thiessen
    She's Kelly Kapowski, she cooks like a pro, I'd borrow all her clothes for big chested women, her husband Brady knows Leslie Knope, she's friends with every teen idol from the 90s PLUS Matt Bomer. Her cooking show just makes me wanna be her! Its crazy to think she's been in the business 31 years!
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  3. Fred Armisen, because we are similar age, similar musical taste and mostly because I cannot help laughing at anything he says or does. He seems so quick, too, which is something I value in a friend.
    But Fred's not hearing it.
    Suggested by   @andersun
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  1. It's not the right thing to do
  2. He's buckled in
  3. He's got seltzer in his hand
  4. According to Ruby, she won't beat up Oscar because she's stronger than him and that's just not fair to him.
  1. My dog was pissed at me because he didn't get to go to school.
  2. My twins were ready to go by 7am and eager to go right away even though school doesn't open doors until 7:45. Once we got there Ruby was like "later" and Oscar held my hand saying "I'll wait until it's 7:49."
  3. I picked up my oldest from his first day of middle school and he was wearing a full on Gryffindor uniform he had snuck into his bag. Evidently he got his Owl over the summer and never told us.
    (Pic is from this am; no costume)
  4. And yes Georgia is back in school already.
I am a lazy Texter. Voice to text is my friend… But most the time it ends up being my enemy. I don't think I have a strong southern accent until voice to text mistakes what I'm saying for something entirely else… this is my ongoing list tracking words misheard.
  1. Ideally —> I Deleigh
  2. Tease —> Tiz
  3. In —> And
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  1. It's the 3rd Rock from the Sun
  2. There are totally galaxies far far away (at least a long time ago)
  3. Earth Girls are totally easy especially if you're a foreigner (or Jeff Goldblum)