School is closed tomorrow because of Election Day. My plan is take the kids to our local record store and help them pick out their 1980s cassette tape spirit animals. I've got my combo CD/double cassette tape boom box at the ready. Here's what I'm looking to get for them and why? What would you get yourself?
  1. The Diabolical Biz Markie: The Biz Never Sleeps for our 6yo Oscar who's always sleeping and...
    Everything turns into a drum kit for Oscar, so why not learn the beatbox essentials from one of the essentials.
  2. Prince: Purple Rain for @murray
    Murray does his own thing. Just like Prince. I love the way both of them think. I'm pretty sure he's got a crush on someone named Lisa too.
  3. Cindi Lauper: She's So Unusual for our other 6yo Ruby
    She's already a great activist (for herself) and can rock a tutu