5 Photos from Tom Bodett's Phone, Chosen at Random

  1. I was at this Motel 6 the other day and, of course, ran into Tom Bodett. As you know, he stops by Motel 6's across the country to ensure they're leaving the lights on.
  2. We were chillin' at check-in, when he needed to go the bathroom and asked me to watch his fanny pack, iPhone, and what I assumed was a bubble tea.
  3. As anyone would do, I took this as an invitation to go through his phone (and fanny pack)! His password: Motel6 (a little too on the nose). Here some photos I chose at random to share with you! I did it in passes of 6. In retrospect not the best decision....
  4. He actually had a lot of pics of him posing with tires
  5. Saw this and thought maybe he's doing competitive research for Motel 6.
  6. Then it got kinda creepy.
  7. Bit creepier.
  8. I mean he does say, "we'll leave the lights on for ya." Just doesn't specify which type of light...
    I hope this isn't new decor for their recent renovation.