1. I'm Jewish. So I never believed in Santa but sometimes I'd sit on his lap and ask for ridiculous things I'd never get just in case he was real.
  2. Like a puppy, a swimming pool or a boyfriend.
  3. Now that we are doing Secret Santa for ListApp, I've put together another ridiculous list of things I know I won't get, but hey just in case my Secret Santa is a genie or @bjnovak -- here we go...
  4. A Tour of @list offices led by @JeremyPivot
    Part B: Jeremy Pivot would end up being Jeremy Piven
  5. For a mentor to help me navigate this comedy world like @whitneyc @JimGaffigan or @jonathanpaulkatz @michaelianblack
  6. My own "I'm Fucking Adorable" tshirt line
    Also we should do fitted sweatshirts and socks "my left foot is fucking adorable" "so is my right"
  7. Free babysitting every Saturday night
    Of course this definitely crosses the creepy line if Secret Santa actually offers to babysit
  8. To hug a baby panda or enjoy eating fresh fruits with a slow eating lemur or baby sloth
  9. Have dinner with Mike D and Adrock
    I'd end up in tears that MCA was no longer with us
  10. The ability to beat box