I'm huge into simplification, procrastination and justifications. Which is why when I found the report in Science Daily about the consumption of red wine being equivalent to exercise extremely exciting news. Based on this new evidence, I've come up with "exercises" we can all enjoy sip by sip:
  1. The workout: Gym (60 minutes)
    The drink up: Red Wine (8 oz)
  2. The workout: ice hockey
    The drink up: White Russian (6oz)
  3. The workout: Zumba class (60 minutes)
    The drink up: tequila (2 - 2oz shots)
  4. The workout: Zumba class in a cold room (60 minutes)
    The drink up: margarita (6 ounces)
  5. The workout: Aikido (45 minutes)
    The drink up: large hot sake
  6. The workout: Irish step dancing
    The drink up: Guinness beer (12 ounces)
  7. The workout: snow skiing
    The drink up: any liquor from an ice luge