A Working Mom's Checklist

  1. Get kids up, dressed and fed
  2. Check
  3. Off to school with backpacks and smiles
  4. Check
  5. Rush home to cook chicken so we have dinner tonight
  6. Check
  7. Shower, put face on, dress myself.
  8. Check
  9. Check on chicken.
  10. Check.
  11. Find creepy doll to hide amongst boss's collectible toys at work to see if he notices.
  12. Check
  13. Rush off to work with coffee in hand.
  14. Check
  15. Fuck did I leave the chicken in the oven?
  16. Check
  17. House is on fire.
  18. Check.
  19. Get on conference call.
  20. Check.
  21. Finalize presentation and update research.
  22. Check.
  23. Get call from neighbor.
  24. Check.
  25. Reschedule weekend play dates at someone else's house.
  26. Check.
  27. Pick up kids from aftercare.
  28. Check.
  29. Run into Brazilian rotisserie chicken restaurant to grab to go order.
  30. Check.
  31. Have dinner picnic in front yard enjoying the warmth together in front of the burning house.
  32. Check.
  33. Roast marshmallows.
  34. Check.
  35. Share stories of our day.
  36. Check.
  37. Put kids to bed inside minivan.
  38. Check.
  39. Cry yourself to sleep.
  40. Check.
  41. Do it again tomorrow.