Things I need to get done once school starts back up for the kids
  1. Stop drinking wine for breakfast
  2. Buy toilet paper in bulk from Costco
  3. Check into Jazzercise as a viable exercise option
  4. Write Facebook post about how Jazzercise class made me winded
  5. Get loads of Likes on Facebook post
  6. Turn post into a
  7. Trend on
  8. Turn Jazzercise into a premise for a stand-up joke
  9. Wonder why Jazzercise Facebook post/ premise joke didn't get laughs
  10. Re read post
  11. Stare at number of "hearts" received and ponder upon ability to transition words to verbal joke/performance.
  12. Shrug
  13. Cry
  14. Watch all the Real Housewives of Orange County episodes I didn't get to during summer
  15. Start drinking wine for breakfast again