Who's in for the @ListMeetUps ATL style y'all! The event will be Thursday, May 19th, 8pm at JavaVino in Virginia Highlands. (Cash bar y'all)
  1. Interested in reading a list? Let me know by emailing me at mallofamanda@gmail.com subject line: list
    1) pick the list you want to read; 2) practice reading/performing it; 3) come up with an intro about your list if you don't have one; 4) if you have a certain way you want to be introduced lemme know; 5) maybe have an extra list in mind to read if we have time; 6) feel free to get creative — i.e., you can totally read a few short lists themed out in similar ways and make an intro for that list collection
  2. Re-list and/or tag other ATLiens or folks in the southeastern region
    For example, @alligeeshow please come!!!!!