1. Hey y'all, HEY!!!
  2. Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood li.ster that we have our ATL Meet-up and Reading this week
  3. @Nicholas from @list HQ will be here!
  4. When: Thursday, May 19th, 8pm to 10pm-ish
  5. Where: JavaVino in Virginia Highlands upstairs in our very own quaint room.
    Cash bar!!!
  6. What's going to happen? Meetin', greetin', drinkin', and readin'.
  7. Check out further details about who we have in the line up so far and answers to questions you may have. Atlanta Li.st Meet-up and Reading RSVP + Sign-up
    But also you can ask me in the comments...
  8. Want to sign up to read? Email me at mallofamanda @ gmail with list meetup in the subject line.
  9. Everyone is welcome, y'all! But please let me know if you'll be there so we can have a general idea of head count.
    RSVPing is not mandatory
  10. And don't forget: Bring your phone charger.