Boston Revisited: Day 1

Backstory: I went to Boston U. for college. But also this is where the husband and I fell in ❤️. My friend from college @lalarose is getting married in Westport, Mass so we decided to come in early and revisit the city we love. We haven't been here since @murray the kid was 9 months old. Also we left the kids back in Atlanta.
  1. We're staying at our first Airbnb. It's in Beacon Hill. But most importantly its neighbors with a psychic.
  2. I still remember how to get around using the T, but forgot how noisy it is.
  3. We visited my old apartment.
  4. We were surprised to learn the elevator is still broken and the same graffiti remains on its door.
    One time I got stuck in if.
  5. Also the stair well still smells like msg from the restaurant below. Do not eat at Victoria's Seafood by the way.
  6. I visited In Your Ear record store while the husband recharged his battery in a coffee shop. I'm searching for a special Beastie Boys cassette.
    List note: There were maybe 2 coffee shops around BU when I was in school. Now there are 20 plus 1,000 Starbucks.
  7. We stopped by T. Anthony's pizzeria, which is across from my old apartment. We found a pic of our twins' basketball coach on the wall.
    Evidently we went to BU together, but met when he volunteered to coach for his kids team.
  8. We T'ed it to Newbury Street. I bought things (not pictured).
  9. We walked back to our place and then Ubered to B&G Oysters thanks to @Nikki's recommendation on @list
    We are going to try The Butcher Shop too @dev
  10. Then we walked back home and I saw a bunny. A bunny y'all!!!! In Boston, y'all!!!
  11. Also I took a picture of me under the Cheers sign and sent it to the guys at work, because we've watched at least 6 seasons of it on the big screen.
    Evidently no one knows my name.
  12. Then we played darts at the Sevens and drank PBR.
  13. And that was Day 1.
  14. We are playing things by ear. I hear @JeremyPivot may be in town for some tech conference. Fingers crossed we run into each other.