A proprietary eponym are general words that are or were at one time proprietary brand names or trademarks.
  1. Coke
    In the south we say Coke to replace the word soda even if they're only Pepsi products available. Pepsi is sacrilegious below the Mason-Dixon line by the way.
  2. Kleenex
  3. Xerox
  4. Synonymous for looking up anything online
  5. Nylon
  6. Chapstick
  7. Band-Aids
  8. Frisbee
  9. Yoyos
  10. Hoover
  11. Magic marker
  12. Qtips
  13. Uber.
    For better or worse.
    Suggested by @donnie
  14. Tampax
    Suggested by @dave
  15. Vaseline
    Suggested by @dave
  16. Jeep
    Suggested by @dave
  17. Escalator
    Suggested by @trevler
  18. Tater Tots
    Suggested by @agard