It's adorable when they pronounce words incorrectly and sometimes just awkward when they do so publicly.
  1. Cheezits Christ, that hurt!
    I was trying to get him to say Cheezits Rice but this was the outcome.
  2. I finished my dinner. Can I have bussert?
    Bussert = dessert
  3. Will you play chest with me?
    Chest = chess
  4. I'm afraid to go up to the atticut by myself.
    Atticut = attic
  5. I love to spin gerbils.
    Gerbils = dreidels
  6. We had a tomato drill at school today.
    Tomato = tornado
  7. Mommy, your nibbles are much bigger than Daddy's.
    Nibbles = nipples
  8. I'm going to get your kisses under the mistleTOV.
    MistleTOV = mistletoe