The five things I consume after Passover I probably shouldn't be
  1. Four Cups of Wine
    Enough said
  2. Matzo with salted butter
    At this point matzo is really just a delivery system for the butter
  3. Balls
    Man oh Manoschewitz! Can't get enough of matzo ball soup no matter what time of year it is. My friends think Ive got major cajones to consume all this gluten guilt free.
  4. Gefilte Fish
    My aunt bought 7 jars of gefilte fish for our Seder. We have 6 left. Six too many. But I don't like to waste so I've been collecting recipes using gefilte fish in different ways so we can take care of business so to speak. @gabimoskowitz any ideas?
  5. Kosher for Passover Brownies
    My mom makes a ridiculous amount of Passover brownies every year and then stores them in my freezer. In turn, I eat a ridiculous amount of these brownies throughout the year because evidently no one likes them except for me.