Because sometimes it's okay to humble brag about being a confident girl
  1. Age 5: I disappeared at a bar mitzvah party for an hour only to reappear center stage with the breakdance crew they hired to entertain the party goers.
  2. Age 8: After my mom told me my outfit didn't go I said, "it doesn't matter what you think as long as I like it."
  3. Age 9: I stood up for a bookish socially awkward kid being taunted in Sunday school. Everyone (all my friends) chanting "Noah watches Sesame Street" over and over again. I exclaimed, "Noah does not watch it." Then joined him, just us, for a fruit break picnic on the playground.
  4. Age 13: At every bar mitzvah party, I'd ask the bar mitzvah boy if he wanted to dance. I felt like this was the polite thing to do. One guy said no to me. My response: Take it easy. I don't like you like you. It's your bar mitzvah and I'm being nice.
  5. Age 14; These boys in my class were always giving me a hard time. I was constantly confronting them about it but in I guess some sort of strategically psychological way. I'd say things like, "does it make you feel better about yourself to make fun of me?"
    My friends would get upset with me and say "just ignore them". But what was upsetting to me was their silence.
  6. Age 17: This was more anger than confidence perhaps, but my friend ran for class president. In the middle of school assembly a bunch of shitty guys started booing him DURING HIS SPEECH because he's gay. The teachers remained silent. I yelled at the kids to "shut the fuck up." The silence of the teachers was sad but unfortunately not surprising.
  7. Throughout elementary, high school and college: I was CONSTANTLY the one telling the guy I liked that I liked them. I'd ask guys out. I always knew in the back of my head that they didn't like me back as really they'd be pursuing me if they did. But to me the fear of not knowing the answer was scarier than the possible rejection.