I went to high school in Birmingham, Alabama with @caffrin and @michaelsokol in the 90s. Our classmates have some unique names to inspire... Something or another.
  1. Alexander Graham Lell
  2. Edgar Allan Roe
  3. Boozer
  4. Beabo
  5. Hud Hudson
  6. Dent Denton
  7. Lee Dicks (double first name)
    This is a double 1st name and one of my best friends. We call her Dixie for short.
  8. Jan
    A dude. He was really mean to me and my friends and often called us freaks. At one point he told me and Dixie to go back to the 50s because we were wearing bell bottoms. He ended up asking Dixie out a few years later.
  9. The Double Name Mary's: Mary-Hassell, Mary Margaret, Mary Boyd, Mary Ann, Mary Catherine, Mary Boyd, Ann Mary
    I think Double Name Mary's would make an excellent name for an all girls punk band
  10. There were also the people with the confusingly fancy/androgynous names: Burgin Powell, Bragan Dreher, Rushton Mellen, Meade Whitaker, Creighton Mason, Damien Drennen...
    Suggested by @caffrin