1. The camp counselor: I was 12. He was 18. He gave me a friendship bracelet and then told me that he was going to look me up when I was 20 because he knew I was going to be hot.
  2. The customs agent: he looked me up on my personal Facebook profile to send me a message. The only way he could find me was by having my full passport name to search for.
  3. The high school history teacher: He would massage all the female student's shoulders.
  4. The elderly bus rider: I'd run into him frequently on the bus. He was constantly wiping away drool with a hanky and asking me to go on a date with him. I was 20.
  5. Jim Rose of Jim Rose's Circus Side Show: Freshman year, I waited until the show ended to meet him. He whispered in my ear "let's take off our shirts and caress each other."
  6. The comedy show audience member: who wants to tell me a joke like he's all Andrew Dice Clay.