A li.st advice column including questions from you. Gotta question? Need a non-answer answer? DM me. (Include a pseudonym if you want to remain anonymous) The original advice column: My High School Advice Column From 1995
  1. Dear Mall of Amanda: Did you get dick pics in HS? Asking for a friend. From, @MichaelRose
    Dear @MichaelRose, Back in my day we had to walk up hill in the snow both ways to get a dick pic. I think it's adorable that you think I'm young enough to be in the generation where cell phones were prevalent in high school. The only cell phone I saw in high school was Zack's on Saved by the Bell. And the only dick pic I saw was Zack's on Saved by the Bell.
  2. Dear Mall of Amanda: Why do people freak out whenever there's change? Yours truly, Reggie Relist
    Dear Reggie Relist, If there's one universal truth (or three), it's that Listers love avocado toast, Harry Potter, and flipping their shit over list feature changes. Unless you're a kid at an arcade, nobody likes change. I think the list community was especially taken aback by the removal of relisting because they felt that was a great way to find out about users they do not follow yet, and support new listers by relisting. Perhaps the new Discover feed will be a good replacement. Time will tell
  3. Dear Mall of Amanda: A friend told me that corduroy pants are no longer in fashion, but I have a lot of fall chores to do and I need something warmer and more durable on my legs than regular pants. What should I do? @Gola
    Dear @Gola, May I recommend purchasing a Dickie's jump suit? It's like a onesie, but for adults. You may need a seamstress to incorporate crotch snaps, so that you can easily utilize the bathroom and get back to those chores. Also, fashion is cyclical. Hold on to those corduroys.
  4. Dear Mall of Amanda: My mother is now midstage Alzheimer's and doesn't understand absolutely everything. Last week I registered her to vote. I'm planning on getting her a mail in ballot. I know for sure she wanted Hillary for President in 2008. Is it okay if I fill out her ballot? The whole ballot? Only the Presidential part? @jannychan
    Dear @jannychan, Your mom is lucky to have you in her life. I am sure that there are so many ways you look out for her needs/wants based off of the mom you've always known. I am not a lawyer, but do watch a lot of Law & Order, which really only makes me an expert in turning off my TV quickly when the kids come into the room. Given that you have power of attorney and her 2008 pov, I think it's OK for you to vote on her behalf for Hillary, but would leave the rest of the ballot blank. Just my 2¢.