Famous People My Kids Have Met

And I haven't.
  1. @bjnovak when he read The Book with No Pictures at their school.
    BJ pictured with my daughter's kindergarten teacher from last year.
  2. President Obama when he visited their preschool. My twins are the ones in the front row -- one in stripes and the one in pink with black leggings. They were not impressed and Ruby kept asking when she was going to get a gift because she thought we said a "present is coming". President. Ruby, it's the President.
  3. President Jimmy Carter? We found this 8x10 in @murray's back pack. I said "Murray Pres. Carter came to visit you at school?!" And he said, "no he didn't. It was just the guy on the left."
    Obviously we know who the guy on the left is. In actuality, it was a staffer who visited but brought individually personalize 8x10s for the entire 3rd grade.