Not pictured: @GeorgiaLawyer my husband. I swear he exists. He's not George Glass.
  1. Newborn @murray "singing" manamana
    This went viral before I knew it went viral and before I knew what viral was. I didn't pay attention.
  2. One day I decided it would be hilarious to go through my purse and record it. I think this actually makes a great stand up bit. And if you want to get to know me better... Check out what's in my purse.
  3. @murray performing a totally improvised stand up routine at his school's variety show
    I had NO idea what he was going to do minus building Legos while telling jokes. During rehearsal he had entirely different routine and came up with this one on the fly.
  4. Oscar playing the Kissy Game
    Totally made up by Oscar and my way of getting him to actual kiss me.
  5. Ruby dancing to Run DMC "She's Tricky"
    We call this the "Elaine"