Ways to get on my good side
  1. When a waiter tells me "good choice" on my ordering. It's like the equivalent to parental approval when you're small.
  2. You've got Michelle Obama arm
    Yes ARM and not arms. I've always carried my kids on the left. That arm rocks and I appreciate it when I'm called out on my gargantuan muscle (even if it's just one on the left like my politics)
  3. Girl, you've got moves.
    Paraphrasing So You Think You Can Dance I'm a performer and not a dancer. But I love it when people say I've got moves like Jagger. Note: usually at weddings or bar mitzvah parties. I'm always the first one on the dance floor… Along with my husband. That's why I married him.
  4. You look so much like your mom.
    I grew up hearing "you're mom is so beautiful. You look like your dad." Perhaps separate comments however always interrelated to me. So being told I look like my Dad (no matter how handsome) always makes me cringe. In the later years I often hear I'm the sibling that looks and acts most like Mommy. This makes my day.
  5. You've got kids? Or being mistaken for being much younger than am I.
    Again this relates to the fact my mom is stunning and looks (has always) much much younger than she is (without surgery).
  6. I love your belly button.
    I've never heard this. Who has? But let's say I've got belly button issues. I mean it's cavernous. If anyone ever out right complimented my belly B I'd be like "you're the best!!!"