Inspired by @LuvJulia's original list and hopeful @bjnovak will dig these
  1. Lists Against Humanity
    Fill in the black List titles and players at home use their Cards Against Humanity to complete the title.
  2. List Roulette
    The first four one word comments you get have to be used to create a list
  3. Emoji Charades
    Use the emojis to play a game of charades
  4. Two Truths and a Lie
    Your list consists of three stories and your followers have to guess which is the lie
  5. Steakhouse or Gay Bar
    Inspired by the blog, players can post pics and names of establishments in their towns for Listers to guess which is which
  6. The List with No Pictures aka Storytime
    The List initiator starts off with the first line of the story and everyone adds suggestions for the next line creating a story all together. @bjnovak then turns it into his next kids' book. Please note: All stories must include the name "Boo Boo Butt".