Getting Booty in My Attic

I'm cleaning out the attic playroom and going through boxes we've had for 15 years. Here's the booty I've found.
  1. Sprees candy inside an envelope my cousin sent in 2003
  2. Our Sega Dreamcast from 1999
    The kids are mesmerized as we do not own a video game console. They also don't really care about how the quality is on our flatscreen since they're used to playing Minecraft. These games were made pre HD.
  3. A printout of my husbands J date profile from 1999. This is how we met and evidently I knew a few months after we met I should print it out and save it.
  4. Three poorly framed Spin Magazine covers from the 90s featuring each of the Beastie Boys. I need to take this to a frame shop and get them professionally framed…
    @bobbyhundreds thought you'd appreciate
  5. A pic of actress Ginnifer Goodwin when she was my friend Jennifer Goodwin. We were in Jewish youth group together and then later she went to Boston University when I was there… I had her over with a bunch of other homeless Jews for the high holidays.
  6. My bat mitzvah invitation.
    If I knew @sally she would've totally been invited
  7. The literary magazine from high school where I wrote an ode to rednecks
  8. Autograph from The actor who plays "Mr. Belding" from Saved by the Bell
    He is from Chattanooga and my sister met him at an event and got him to sign this for me… And yes my nickname in college was bear