Goldstein Family Vintage Disney Pics From 1984

I found these a few years ago and they just popped up on my time hop app and thought I would share with y'all…
  1. I'm the little one with the Jew fro who everyone thought was a boy.
  2. This was my signature pose I picked up from Solid Gold. I also had dance moves to match which I displayed at my brothers bar mitzvah party and probably in line at Disney. I wore a bathing suit because I was worried that we were going to get wet on some of the rides.
  3. I think I still have this Goofy hat somewhere. It is pretty amazing that it could fit over my hair… please note signature pose with hand on hip.
  4. I had that pose at age 12
  5. I have the pose present day
  6. My daughter now has that signature pose... Maybe it's hereditary.