With every new PR push (i.e. @dev and @bjnovak doing TechCrunch today) there is a flow of new folks joining li.st — but a lot of these newbies create accounts only to desert them. Maybe they're intimidated by creating a list or that they don't know anyone. Here's some suggestions of how we can help get more people active...add yours!
  1. Follow 10 new accounts
    Whether or not they are following you, you can find new listers by visiting @bjnovak's list of Followers. Pick 10 at random to follow!
  2. Make list requests
    Of course there are suggestions for lists that people can create, but it always feels great to get a specific list request.
  3. Engage
    Help build community by continuing the conversation in the comment section. Once new listers make the list you requested or if you see they've created one on their own, don't forget to relist! It will help expose/promote that new lister to your group of "internet friends."
  4. Like lists that don't have any likes yet!
    As a newbie I may be more likely to stick around if I feel I'm gaining traction. (Which I am, slowly, and having fun so far!)
    Suggested by @sarahsolene