For @agard
  1. Patience and planning
    You have to have some foresight as to when you'll want to actually eat your plantains as you have to buy them way in advance so that they have time to get overripe. I can't tell you how long it takes for them to ripen but I can tell you that you'll want to wait until the skin is completely black. You could be waiting a week or two.
  2. Heat
    Use a cooking oil that gets nice and hot. I use canola but imagine that using coconut oil would be great for this. I use a wok but you can also use a regular frying pan. A Fry Daddy would be perfection. Make sure there's enough oil to cover the slices of plantain. At some point you'll need to add more oil as they'll soak it up. Get the oil hot enough so that when you shake drops of water in it, it sizzles. But stand back as you don't want to get hot oil on you.
  3. Slicing
    I like to slice off both ends and then make a horizontal cut through the peel to get the skin off. Then I slice the plantains into medallions, while cutting at an angle so they're more oval than round and about 1/2" thick or a little less.
  4. Frying
    Carefully slide each slice into the oil, leaving room so they're not touching. Fry for two minutes on each side.
  5. Drain
    Take out the plantain slices and let them sit on a plate that has a paper towel or brown grocery bag on it so it soaks up the oil. Let sit for just a few minutes. 3-5 minutes should do. You can also pat the facing up side with a scrunched up paper towel to soak up more oil.
  6. Fry again
    What! Yes? We are double frying them. Repeat the previous "Frying" step but just one minute on each side. It may seem a little high maintenance to fry twice but I found it helps caramelize the plantains and make them sweeter and crunchier.
  7. Drain again
    See step 5
  8. Eat
    I don't use any sauce, honey or sugar. They're sweet on their own.
  9. List
    Let me know if this works out for you (in a few weeks of course after you've made it to the grocery store and let them get all over ripe)