1. Tell them you know Photoshop and can just make a quick change yourself
  2. Tell them your nephew knows Photoshop and can do it
  3. Send all emails in Comic Sans
  4. Ask them to change all font to be in Comic Sans
  5. See if they'll create a logo for your wedding/bar mitzvah/baby's 1st birthday party... For free and you need it tonight.
  6. Demand they add bursts to everything
  7. Then change your mind and demand drop shadows
  8. Then change your mind to bursts and drop shadows.
  9. Show them an example using your WordArt skills
  10. Email them right before the project is due to let them know the project was canceled.
  11. Remind them you need that logo for your wedding/bar mitzvah/baby's 1st birthday party by EOD
  12. Make sure to put EOD in bold, italics Comic Sans font with a drop shadow.
  13. Don't forget to include a P.S. With a link to your nephews high school art portfolio asking for an internship for him