1. Always a dilemma. Best to just buy them one and have them eat it!
  2. Like buttery, sweet lovin' in your mouth
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  3. First forget everything you think you know about "biscuits"
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  4. A U.S. Southern style biscuit is similar to a British style plain scone, but with 1.5 to 2x as much butter in the dough, creating a soft and tender baked good that has a rich buttery crumb. The addition of buttermilk gives it a slight tang as well. More salty savory buttery than sweet, it's most often served as part of a meal, not by itself.
    There are actually numerous variations of a Southern biscuit. Ranging from the flakey buttery type to the fluffy pillowy kind to "Angel biscuits" that use yeast and baking powder to give it extra lift. Nathalie Dupree had a whole cookbook dedicated to the subject called Southern Biscuits. Highly recommended!
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  5. Butter dust pillows
    With honey
    Suggested by @evanp