1. My feelings/personal stories: You'll rarely see a deep dive emotional List from me. They're few and far between. I'm not superficial just prefer to keep things to myself or with my husband. But surprisingly all it takes for me to open up is for someone to ask me a direct and specific question.
  2. My sex life: I love to read about yours but will never talk about mine. Though admittedly I do mention sex in my stand up but my stories are more exaggeration and limited in details.
  3. Food: Not even with my children and husband. I want my own designated plate of food dedicated to my mouth. If I can't pee in peace can't I at least eat in peace? This issue of not wanting to share my food always becomes a problem when I'm at work function at a restaurant. People love sharing their plates… Not me!
    One time my coworkers wanted to order soup as an appetizer to share. I went ballistic.