Inspired by @shanaz — Ask me anything except "are we there yet?"
  1. Where y'all going?
    Suggested by @shanaz
  2. @shanaz We were just on Fall Break from school so headed back home from Destin.
  3. I know you've got a Beastie Boys playlist- what are some other great songs for a road trip mix?
    Suggested by @shanaz
  4. @shanaz unfortunately we listen to kids listening to DVDs on our road trips. When we do listen to music with them we tend to either put on XM radio or make them listen to our scratched up CDs.
  5. Will you play the punch buggy game?
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua
  6. @dudleyjoshua I'm usually defending myself from being punched by my daughter with or without spotting VWs.
  7. What's in Destin, anyway?
    My dad keeps suggesting it as a vacation for my parents & my little family. I have no idea what's there other than beach
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama
  8. @dreadpiratemama the beaches are amazing. There's also a water park, arcades, go carts, shopping etc. but if you want a more walkable and bike friendly spot I'd recommend Watercolor or Rosemary Beach which is about 30-45 minutes away from here.
  9. Let's talk snacks.
    What are you munching on?
    Suggested by @Veronique
  10. @Veronique we took whatever was left in the pantry and fridge. So we have tangerines and apples and 20 half-eaten bags of chips and a jar of salsa that I will pass off to my husband as gazpacho come lunch time.
  11. I love road trips. What was one of your favorites?
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  12. @nikkilounoel I have more specific road trip memories that are favorites vs entire road trips. We would drive to visit my grandparents and my brother and I would have French fry eating contests, but it would be to see who could eat them the slowest.
  13. How long of a drive are we talking? How many bathroom stops have you made so far?
    Suggested by @marginally_amazing
  14. @marginally_amazing 5 hours no stopping which means 12 hours in kid road trip time. We are 30 minutes in. 😩
  15. Do the kids have specific assigned seats?
    Or do you have a system for rotating/determining seating? Asking for a friend.
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  16. @BWN_7 A visual guide
  17. Just a comment from mother to mother.
    Suggested by @marginally_amazing
  18. Can you explain how it's already FALL BREAK?
    Suggested by @jannychan
  19. @jannychan we started school first week of August and get out every 6 weeks for a week break.
  20. How old are your kids?
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse
  21. @lexie_elyse @murray is 10. The twins are 7.
  22. Do you and your husband take turns driving? Also, did you bring your mom cam with to capture some memories of the road trip?
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo
  23. @NumbahTwo he drives and I navigate. I use my iPhone for Mom Cam so there's always an opportunity!
  24. Which child is most likely to be the one who starts arguments? Which can stay above the fray?
    Suggested by @MichaelRose
  25. @MichaelRose my daughter is most likely to start something. Murray is the diplomat.
  26. No road trip is complete without Waffle House.
    Love it.
    Suggested by @PassiveAggressor
  27. @PassiveAggressor Life is not complete without Waffle House. The museum is two miles from our house!
  28. I like to make good time on a road trip, my wife prefers a more leisurely pace. This makes things... interesting. What is the dynamic between you and your husband?
    Suggested by @mbmurray23
  29. @mbmurray23 I like to leave early, pack like I'm playing Tetris, no stops, eat in the car, dehydrate the kids so they won't need to pee. He likes to sleep in late and stop at casual dining restaurants that are 5 miles from the highway.
  30. Do you keep a list/collect state license plates? If so, competitively or cooperatively?
    Suggested by @andersun
  31. @andersun only of the license plates that we used to have on our cars.
  32. Who's on those old scratchy CD's?
    Suggested by @bluepuddles
  33. @bluepuddles Beastie Boys, Beck, Rahzel...
  34. Are you nuts?
    Because, honestly, only insane people take children on road trips. Stay strong 👊🏼
    Suggested by @bluepuddles
  35. @bluepuddles it's definitely more doable than it used to be. When the twins were 4 weeks old we drove them down along with a 3 year old @murray to Hilton Head (7 hour trip with stopping).