I Snuck My Camera Into Snl and Took This Pic of the Beastie Boys

  1. My sister-in-law and her brother, Justin's mom grew up next door to Lorne Michaels. So when the Beastie Boys were scheduled to be the musical act for @nbcsnl in 1998, I called in a favor to call in a favor. Justin, our friend David and I got tickets to the show.
  2. It was exciting to watch SNL in person, but honestly seeing the Beastie Boys in this setting remains top days in my life next to getting married, having my 3 babies and of course, seeing the Beastie Boys perform again in 2004 in a room of 99 people.
    At that show, I was so close to Adrock I literally reached out and touched his arm. I felt like one of those girls screaming in old news footage of the Beatles.
  3. I had been taking a photography class in college and our assignment was to take a pic of a celebrity. Everyone in class got pics of authors at Barnes and Noble book signings. I decided to sneak my camera in and capture the Beasties.
  4. This is what I took. I also processed the film and developed the pic myself. Did digital cameras even exist back then?
  5. Also I got an A in that class.