1. Being happy all the time
    Some people have resting bitch face. I have resting happy face. Once a coworker yelled at me, "why are you always so happy all the time!?" Everyone has unhappy moment, as do I. I'm just better at hiding when I'm not feeling so great… Especially at work and social situations.
  2. Being drunk.
    I am gregarious and do not get embarrassed easily. I'm often the first one to introduce myself, on the dance floor or on the karaoke stage and the last one to have a drink. People always seem to think that I've been drinking because of these moments. I don't need liquid courage to do any of these things. I just want to do them all on my own.
  3. A short-order cook/waitress
    By my children. Orders up! My kitchen is a diner. One kid asks every morning "what's on the menu" while the other says "I didn't order this." Kiss my grits.
  4. My sister.
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    People either think we are twins or that we are each other. One of the highest compliments that you can give me is to say I'm my sister. She's pretty terrific.
  5. Wanting to give out free marketing advice.
    Though I do often on a pro bono basis I find that people are constantly asking me to provide free strategic marketing counseling to them… I'm a bit of a pushover when it comes to helping small businesses, should probably be charging, but often don't.
  6. Wanting to sell your product.
    I hear often I should be a sales person, sorry if I offend you but I find this offensive. I'm not interested in your MLM scheme, Tupperware, jewelry parties, skincare line or cosmetics. Is it because I'm so friendly? Leave me alone. Am I right, @olive ?
  7. From New York.
    I find that no matter how much twang I have in my southern accent, people assume I'm a NYer... Mainly because I'm Jewish, but sometimes because of how I dress.
  8. An exerciser.
    Jazzercise has me winded. Half of my set is about my disdain for physical exertion. These people don't know me well.