Because I kinda feel like we really know each other but we only "know" each other. Here are the fake scenarios on how we met...
  1. The friends I'd get in trouble with at work for talking too much during a meeting: @dudleyjoshua @olive @sally
  2. I'd go to this guys house for GoT viewing parties: @p
  3. My neighbor who left the country for a few months so I water his plants: @ChrisK
  4. My neighbor across the street who reminds me to water Chris' plants and also has a keg of beer for the parents every Halloween: @gwcoffey
  5. My long lost cousins I reconnected with at a bar mitzvah weekend @karenelkinscohen @EricElkins @donnie @abbyzeecee @john @THEToughCookie
  6. My campers at Jewish summer camp: @LevNovak @jesseno @bjnovak @agard @Danni @jamie
  7. My favorite interns who got hired full time and now they run the entire department: @sky and @ErinFlaherty
  8. The person I see all the time around town but we can never remember how we first met. We always wave at each other: @angusisley
  9. We frequent the same coffee shop, have a crush on the same barista and watch each other's stuff when one has to pee: @eatthelove
  10. My friend from college who kept sending me pics of his balls junior year: @evanp