Starting last week and through today Jewish community centers throughout the country have been receiving bomb threats. I worry that one day these threats will turn into an actuality. This is a list of the cities that have received them so far…(I may be missing some)
  1. Birmingham, Alabama
    Where I grew up
  2. Rockville/Baltimore, Maryland
  3. St. Louis, Missouri
  4. Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Woodbridge/West Hartford, Connecticut
  6. Miami Beach, Florida
  7. Albany, New York
  8. Nashville, Tennessee
  9. Wilmington, Delaware
  10. Columbia, South Carolina
  11. Tenafly, New Jersey
  12. Maitland, Florida
  13. Scotch Plains, New Jersey
  14. Update: At least 25 Jewish institutions have been targeted. Here is an article about it:
  15. Update: Now 32