1. In the mid 80s my mom was the special events director of a regional department store chain called Parisian.
  2. She was planning a grand opening for their biggest store in the biggest mall in ALABAMA.
  3. She asked me (her 8 year old) for my opinion on what celebrity she should get to do a cameo. Of course my answer was Pee-wee Herman.
  4. They booked John Stamos.
  5. He had just finished the pilot for Full House but it had not aired yet.
  6. I met him backstage and it was love at first "huh?" Honestly, I had no idea who he was. Just that he was a boy, extremely good-looking and also famous. And I was a girl who was uber boy crazy.
  7. All of the employees helping backstage and models were vying for his attention. So was I. And I was the master of grabbing people's attention. Sometimes in the most inappropriate ways…
  8. My attention grabbing method of offering him a dollar bill and a piece of gum did not work. So I decided I needed to step up my game.
  9. I remembered that celebrities always made cameos in sitcoms like Silver Spoons when there was a child with a chronic illness. This was my lightbulb moment.
  10. I yelled, "John Stamos, my uncle is dying of a brain tumor."
    And he was.
  11. There was silence. John Stamos looked down in astonishment. I was thrilled to have all his attention. He patted my head and said, "I'm sorry dear."
    Fortunately my mother was not backstage. I'm not quite sure how she would've handled the moment.
  12. After The big fashion show event, John Stamos remained at the end of the runway and answered questions from the audience. I raised my hand. He was a brave man to call on me.
  13. My question: have you ever kissed a girl?
  14. His response: He he leaned forward, kissed me on the cheek and said, "yes."
  15. And this is how John Stamos kissed me.
  16. Bonus story: The next day he went to their store grand opening in Huntsville Alabama and asked my mom where I was. She told him I had to stay at home and then asked if he wanted to call me. Later that afternoon the phone rang and it was John Stamos.
  17. What a guy!