A trip to the gyno is like a beach vacation: I get to do some reading, I'm wearing next to nothing, and I'm drinking white wine out of a Tervis. JUST KIDDING...I don't read.
  1. The Audience: Husband; In response to his question of "Is anything wrong with you or is this a check up?"
    The Joke: Well I'm going in because supposedly I may have two vaginas, which could be good news for both of us.
  2. The Audience: The entire nurse station; In response to one nurse's question of "do you take that medicine daily?"
    The Joke: When I remember. I'm lucky if I remember to change my underwear daily.
  3. The Audience: The nurses station; In response to "please urinate in this cup."
    The Joke: This is my favorite part. Also no need for the cup, I brought my own Tervis.
  4. The Audience: Me and the entire nurse station; Nurse's response to my response of "no" I don't want to be checked for STDs.
    The Joke: "Are you sure you don't want to be checked for STDs?" Also me, as evidently I was the Joke in this instance. (Also everyone should be checked for STDs. I said no as I've been with only my husband since 1999).