1. Sometimes when I'm at a restaurant, I hide in the ladies room bathroom stall to check my social networks.
    And my husband may have just opened the door to "check on" me.
  2. When I'm on my phone in the kitchen between the fridge and counter, my husband says I'm in my "List Corner".
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  3. I may possibly sit in my driveway for 10 minutes (or longer) while checking li.st instead of going inside my house. Okay, way more than possibly. 🙈
    Suggested by @marginally_amazing
  4. I am surprised so few people liked my last list. It is such an important issue.
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  5. I get most of my ideas for a list while I'm at church
    Obviously I have to write them... and most of them stay in my drafts....
    Suggested by @criscd
  6. I haven't told anyone except a couple of friends about list. I want to keep it as my own little sanctuary. (First rule of list don't talk about list to non-listers).
    Suggested by @jessilee23
  7. I often act like my boss has asked me to text him instead of email, so I can li.st at my desk.
    My boss is never in the office, but those nosy folks are always watching me. "Lemme just text Fred about that shipping request," I'll say. But my thumbs are looking at @CookiesbyDave toothbrush photoshoots and planning meetups.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  8. The overwhelming relief I feel, when I meet my 7AM daily li.st deadline.
    The overwhelming flood of joy I experience, when my daily li.st submission doesn't suck.
    Suggested by @CookiesbyDave
  9. I was @KenM and he was awesome and some of you were mean to him and Li.st killed him off. 🤔☠️😇
    Suggested by @PeteOnEarth
  10. I love trending, but I always pray that my lists don't end up as Facebook ads.
    And I wish li.st would stop advertising on Facebook. At least not to people I know. And I don't mean just not to people I'm "friends" with.
    Suggested by @doodler19
  11. I threatened my husband with divorce if my mom ever finds out about li.st from him
    Suggested by @doodler19
  12. I have (Chris traeger voice) literally never told a single human being about list. I just want my own space to be myself and not worry about who will be reading what I post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Suggested by @sarahsmith4
  13. At my last job I would spend about 30 minutes of "note time" writing lists. I can't do that at this job and I miss it!
    Suggested by @nalivodka
  14. (( I unfollowed @aprilkquioh last December and almost died shhh. I'm following her now ))
    Suggested by @clairewentthere
  15. I confess that I get excited when one of my lists Trends. But then I realize that there are only about .005% members of li.st that there are of FB and my ego calms down.
    I did the math. I think .005% is conservative.
    Suggested by @pili_ervin
  16. My wife thinks that my "friends" on Facebook are not actually real people, despite the fact that I know in person about 298 of my 305 friends there. As a result there's no way in hell I'm telling her about li.st. That's my little secret. The downside is that I couldn't brag that I had a list get Featured.
    Suggested by @pili_ervin