Mostly ridiculous over the top lies about Alabama, where I grew up. But also some other things I was being sarcastic about, but I guess I've got an honest face.
  1. There are open air hamster farms in Alabama. Fields and fields of hamsters frolic around these adorable tiny outdoor farms with tiny fences.
  2. I grew up not wearing shoes.
  3. My daddy hangs out in a saloon.
    People confused Alabama with the Old West.
  4. My 6 yo kid introduced himself as "Poo Poo" to the nurse. So I replied saying, "Yes, he was named after my grandfather. Poo Poo is an old family name."
    I thought she got I was joking because she laughed but then ten minutes later inquired about the family origins of Poo Poo.
  5. I have a silent "H" in front of my name. It's actually Hamanda.
    My friend from high school believed this for a week. But jokes on me when she started calling me Hammy.