1. 100% of these @list metrics are based on my anecdotal experiences
  2. Best Time to Post for Most Amount of Likes
    For most social networks, analytics show the best time to post is Wednesdays and Thursdays midday so that you're able to hit both East Coasters at lunch and West Coasters in the am. However, as ListApp has longer form content I find that people prefer to read lists late at night, when they have time to filter through their feeds and digest all the awesome Lists.
  3. Best Time to Post for Least Amount of Likes Yet Still TREND
    Sunday midday East Coast time seems to be the best. I find that even getting just 7-9 Likes Listers are still able to trend as they're not competing with more well known Listers who get big #s no matter what time of day it is.
  4. Best Time to Comment to get an @ mention from @john or @lenadunham
    My heart goes a flutter when I get an iPhone notification saying [insert someone wonderful] has @ mentioned you. I've noticed I'm more likely to get a response back if I my comment is one of the top three firsts. Unfortunately I can't really predict when they most often post.
  5. How to get Listed in the Featured section
    I have no idea. But would guess it helps to be a brand, a celebrity or friends with @bjnovak @dev as it appears about 75% of those listed on Featured fall into one of those categories.
  6. Brands Most Likely to Engage with You on Your List (even if they're not mentioned)
    @LAmag and @scoutregalia -- kudos to you for always engaging
  7. Amount of ListAppers: Around 3940+ (from date of post on 8/30/15)
    Based on amount of people I follow. I have an addiction and now feel like a responsibility to own the unofficial counter.
  8. Amount of Brand and Organizations on ListApp: 68+
    I've made a list. I check it twice and try to keep it updated. I'm sure I'm missing some so feel free to add your Suggestions.
  9. Content is King
    Just remember no matter the medium content reigns. Good engaging content. There's no formula for what makes what you create good or bad as it's so objective. So my advice is just to keep it real.
  10. Number of ListAppers that should be embarrassed about this List: 1 (me)
    I seriously spend too much time on this app. I hope there aren't any backend analytics that @dev has access to about how much time I spend on this.