I vote prior to ListApp going public that we have a convention. Here are the panels and activities I'd like to see. What about you?
  1. @ChrisK Live Listing Panel
    Just Chris Kubica with his iPad and Bluetooth key board creating a List and projecting it onto a big screen. He'd speak aloud about his thought process and then review his drafts inbox.
  2. Anonymous Celebrities Reveal
    This would be part game show part panel where we'd first try to guess who's who and then find out who certain ListApp pseudonyms really belong to
  3. ListAppers Anonymous: closed panel
    My name is Amanda and I'm a ListApp addict. You get the picture.
  4. A Big Freakin' Party -- the largest ListApp meet up ever!!!
    MC: @andycohen Musical Guests: @snoopdogg @john @Questlove All catering options approved by @THEToughCookie @gabimoskowitz and @eatthelove Live Listing Duties @madeline
  5. ListApp Family Tree Project
    We'd create a giant tree with @mkz @dev and @bjnovak at the roots and try to piece together how we all got connected. Mine is @caffrin ---> @vp ----> @dev (branches grow out and extend from the originators).
  6. ListApp Families
    Self-serving yes but it would be cool to see siblings and parents and such interacting.
    Suggested by @donnie
  7. ListApp Cook-Off
    Everyone would cook based on recipes and foods they'd been introduced to courtesy of TLA.
    Suggested by @sally
  8. ListApp cocktails Round Table- mixologists, beverage directors and adorable bartenders share their insights and strategies for buzzed-listing- sip, list, repeat!
    Suggested by @TheJuliaBeck
  9. Talent show
    Old timey Classic
    Suggested by @ameliaville