If you're planning on organizing a ListApp meet up in your town, here are some best practices we learned from the one we had in Atlanta. Please add your tips y'all: @celine @Danni @madeline @schwartztastic @jennienina @markravina @leahrothman @paigehamilton @jamie @talleycook
  1. Once you secure your location, secure a location within that location so everyone knows where to meet once there.
  2. Make a sign
    You can be incognito with it. Like a balloon withe ListApp icon drawn on it. Well maybe a balloon is not that subtle.
  3. Bring name tags and pens
  4. Pick someone to Live List during the meet up. Everyone should take lots of pics!
  5. Speaking of pics, pre scout the venue to make sure the lighting is good for iPhone pics. Our lighting was terrible. And I'm vain!
    JK. Maybe.