1. Help. I need to feed my family this beef. I don't know how to cook it.
  2. Please keep the ideas simple
  3. Ok. This is what happened. Set house on fire. Alarm company concerned but cancelled fire trucks per our request.
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  4. My friend Joel said to get our griddle as hot as it could possibly be. Oil pepper and salt the flank steak. Sear iboth sides two minutes each. Wrap it in heavy duty foil. And then cook it up for 15 minutes on 400. Finally let it sit for 10 minutes. Right now we got seven minutes left on the cooking it up part.
  5. Now the flank steak is "resting" while the fries heat up and we reheat old broccoli
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  6. Hedging my bets that Crystal light taste good with flank steak
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  7. What was I thinking? I'm doing wine!
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  8. Looking good, Billy Ray!
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  9. Feeling good, Lewis!
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  10. Beef. It's what's for dinner.
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  11. The aftermath
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  12. looks delicious and definitely worth a false fire 🔥🔥🔥 yum
    Suggested by @Samuel