Live Listing: Going to the Bet Hip Hop Awards

My husband's client provides the ushers at the BET awards. He offered us tickets! Husband is on dad duty so my friend Nancy and I can go. @heresbonita couldn't make it :(
  1. This was all very last minute. I'm told to wear black so I can blend in. He's going to seat us in the back of the bottom floor. @snoopdogg is hosting. The kids are eating Goldfish while I try to zip a cocktail dress onto myself. It's not pretty.
  2. In the Uber with Rickey the driver. I'm running late and Ricky is new to Atlanta. Come on Rickey we can do this!!!
  3. I stole my kids aviators. They're part of his Bruno Mars Halloween costume. I couldn't find my sunglasses. I can't arrive to an awards show without shades.
  4. Rickey missed our exit!! I decided to turn on my Waze too. Now he's got a back seat GPS lady also telling him where to go.
  5. Made it to the area where we take the bus to the civic center
  6. Nancy is running late… Where's Nancy?
    That would be funny if my friend ended up being Nancy Grace
  7. She's here. We are the bus with all the ushers.
  8. At the civic center. No one is here yet except the ushers. Not Usher. Just us and the ushers.
  9. Now we wait... Sound check
  10. We officially have tickets in hand