Messing With Milton Goldstein

My parents are trying to get rid of stuff in their house and at a seemingly constant pace my dad, Milton, texts us pics of items to see if my siblings and I want them. So sometimes I mess with him.
  1. My dad sends a text about blank DVDs.
  2. My brother and sister respond accordingly. But I see an opportunity...
    List note: My parents don't seem to get sarcasm. Ever.
  3. Even though I know they never get sarcasm, I really thought after this text they would get I was joking…
  4. But my dad responds with an additional picture to explain what he's talking about…
  5. Now my brother gets in on the game
  6. I call my brother. "How does Daddy not get I'm joking?"
  7. So I send another text in response to his pic to see how long I can keep this going.
  8. Finally he gets it.
    List Note: The one item I do want is the old film projector so I can watch our old 8mm family movies... And of course make a List about it.